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July 14, 2017 RSS feed / Health

Eucalyptus oil and preventing insect bites

Enjoying the great outdoors can be an entertaining and invigorating way to spend a day. But it's important that outdoors enthusiasts recognize they will likely be sharing the great outdoors with insects. More...

Setting boundaries with family members

Growing up I was taught to be polite, respect my elders, and show good manners. I was also taught to stand my ground and set boundaries with others. More...

Important things that should be shared with your doctor

It is important to be honest with a doctor about certain health habits, but sometimes it isn't so easy to be forthcoming. More...

Quick thaw for frozen shoulder; fresh-food pharmacies for healthy diets

Q: I was told that I have frozen shoulder. It's painful and restricting. What can I do for it, and what kind of specialist should I see for effective treatment? -- Roseanna G., Atlanta More...

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