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Happy 8th, HTF: 
In dog years, we're over the hill

HTF's 9th Anniversary: 
How time flies

Spring is a good time for an anniversary
We're SIX and kindergarten is behind us: 
Happy anniversary, HTF!

HTF's 5th Anniversary: 

Hometown Focus AND YOU: 
It’s our 4th Anniversary!

Our third anniversary: Joyful!
"There's no place like home": 
Celebrating the Iron Range for two years


 ​JEFF ASBACH: CEO & Co-Founder

Our fearless leader brings 30++ years of newspaper industry experience to Hometown Focus. Jeff is the former General Manager of Mesabi Daily News, where his expertise was in production and new technologies. He is the guy behind the scenes that makes everything work. A stickler for details, Jeff keeps everyone here on track.


Scott is the former Publisher of Mesabi Daily News, where he filled the shoes of his father, L. R. Asbach, before him. He also brings 30++ years of newspaper experience to our venture. Scott came up through advertising and marketing, and has more ideas rolling around in his noggin than just about anyone. If anyone says, "We can't do that" in a staff meeting, Scott gets very, very...determined. We'd worship the ground he walks on too, except, he doesn't walk, he runs.

CINDY KUJALA: Managing Content Editor

Cindy is a Chisholm native who landed at the HTF after a 25-year career in the legal field and time spent at BCBSMN, followed by getting an A.A. degree at Mesabi Range College and an A.S. degree at Lake Superior College. College was been a belated highlight of life for Cindy. More education and that four-year degree are still to come. 

She also enjoys the opportunity to be able write and share stories with HTF readers.

BRIAN MILLER: Staff Writer


Kirsten was a contributor first and an employee second at HTF. We liked her stories and great personality and knew she would be a perfect fit with Hometown Focus. She has a background in small business ownership and management and is active in her community, having served as a township supervisor, a Cook city councilor, and as a volunteer fire fighter and first responder for the Cook Fire Department.

Kirsten appreciates our focus on positive community news and loves learning new things, a good trait for a staff writer!

HANNAH WHITE: Graphic Design

Taking the position of newest graphic designer from Marcus, Hannah is a child of the Iron Range, having been raised in the big city of Chisholm.

After working part time at the Hibbing Public Library, she decided to extend her reaches into her true passion of art and creativity. With that in mind, she enrolled in Mesabi Range’s Graphic Design Media program and graduated in 2014 bringing herself one step closer to her wild dreams.

As a self named crazy artist, she spends her spare time getting lost in the wild world of art, sketching and painting whatever catches her fancy.


Graphic artist, Marcus, was born in England, and raised in the U.S. with an English-culture influence. You can catch him saying things like, "I don't bloody know!" or spelling "favorite" the British way: "favourite." He drinks enough tea that he figures it now runs in his veins. 

An Air Force brat, Marcus has lived in more places than he can recall, but the Range has always been home base for him and is what he considers home.
Blissfully married on Halloween of 2010, Marcus says he finds life joyous with each day better than the last. 

An art lover, Marcus works with metal and wood and also draws and paints. A perfectionist who obsesses over little details (a requirement for newspaper work), Marcus found graphic arts a good fit for himself, and he graduated from Mesabi Range College's Graphic Arts program in 2014.

SUSAN FROEHLINGSDORF: Online Multi Media & Marketing Strategy

Sue comes from a family of business owners and entrepreneurs, and loves to think "out of the box." She and her husband Joe started their first home-based business selling and servicing swimming pools in cold northern Minnesota. They were told the venture was "doomed to fail." The business was 20 years old when a forced move by the Hwy. 53 relocation in Britt relocated the family to Zim.

It was then that Sue forged forward in website design, hosting and now developing apps for iPhone and Android mobile devices. Sue loves the challenge of staying on top of her game in a field that changes rapidly. At Hometown Focus, she loves spearheading our website and mobile app adventures. For Sue, the greatest reward is helping businesses to progressively market their products and services.

TYLOR ASBACH: Creative Sales & Service

Tylor, represents the third-generation of Asbachs who tout “ink in their blood.” Tylor is an outgoing sort who loves calling on new business clients and developing relationships. “It’s all about what you develop before any sale takes place,” he says. He’s inherited his dad’s propensity for having way too many ideas in a day.

An entrepreneurial sort, Tylor started and operated his own small business for a few years on Lake Vermilion, Vermilion Odd Jobs, which provided an assortment of services to cabin owners. It was kind of a normal progression for the youngster who was responsible for lawn-mowing as a kid.

LANIS AYNES: Creative Sales & Service

Lanis joined Hometown Focus with a real estate background. She has worked as a Senior Property Manager for some really BIG pieces of real estate in Woodland Hills and Los Angeles, CA. But the stressfull big city lifestyle took its toll, and Lanis wisely relocated to beautiful northern MN to get away from the craziness. She loves to fish, garden, and enjoy nature. Well, everyone wins because now Lanis gets to pursue her pleasures and we've got a great salesperson who appreciates our way of life on the Range.

VICKY JUNTUNEN: Business Manager

Vicky is our business manager. This doesn't even come close to encompassing the breadth of her responsibilities, which are too many to list, but sometimes includes balancing the personal checkbook of our Chief Financial Officer. So, basically, we think that means that Vicky is the real CFO around here, we're not sure.

With almost as many years in the newspaper business as Scott and Jeff, Vicky is invaluable to the smooth operation of Hometown Focus. She is sometimes alternatively referred to as The Classified Queen, or Queen Victoria.

Vicky recently revealed to us during lunch in the break room that she is a former Cherry High School cheerleader. This ignited a spirited conversation among the staff that we are sorry cannot be repeated in this brief bio.

IDELL HENDERSON: Assistant Business Manager

Idell is not sure of her title but says she is basically an assistant to the business manager. She is originally from Duluth and has lived in Virginia for over 40 years and is married to Bob, has two adult children and one very cute grandson. She has many years of accounting and secretarial skills and is very organized and dependable.  She also loves cats!


Connect the dots.....Hometown Multi Media Partners, LLC, spanning 3 generations.

IMAGINATION.....It never fails to make you think, and it always makes you listen.

EDUCATION.....You want to build a relationship? It starts by telling the truth. That's when the real fun starts. Creativity is our passion, but we do have another love--independence. With zero absentee owners or outside investors, we're free to focus soley on our work.

COMMUNICATION.....Which is good, because there's a lot of work to focus on: advertising, interactivity, relationship marketing - retail, brand, business-to-business - and leaving an impressive footprint your customers will remember.


We will help you integrate your marketing plans with effective communication techniques so that your price, place, promotions, and products are properly balanced to attract customers. Let us help you maximize and be consistent with your messege.


Our reasearch uses several different methodologies to advise and implement best practices to help businesses improve their performance in strategy, technology and organizational operations.


We will help you build meaningful relationships with key media outlets to enhance the publicity of your organization. This technique is unlike creating your own message with paid advertisement because our tools and expertise will help you develop a strategic mass media connection.


We will effectively improve your business brand, increase corporate identity, and design a logo that will leave an impressive footprint your customers will remember. 

Entrepreneurial Vision Award:

Jeff Asbach and Scott Asbach – Hometown, Virginia, MN


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